I’ll Follow You Into the Park

Here’s the scoop:

Faith and I decided we were so brilliant, we should do a cover version of “Ill follow You Into the Dark” by Death Cab for Cutie. It had pretty much been our theme song for this trip (we sang it together huddled under a blanket when our bus broke down!). So, here’s our clever remake, London style! Ok, its funny cause it sounds stalker-ish, but we totally imagined our Music Appreciation teacher, Robert Tucker, as acting it out in our imaginary music video. So, that’s that: here’s the lyrics!

Love of mine, you can try to hide, but I’ll be close behind
I’ll follow you into the park;
No place to evade, no tunnels to get away
You’ll learn to love some day
Love this soul that falls for you.

If Holborn and Russel Square become so crowded I can’t ride,
And the only thing I can do is follow from behind
If there’s no way to reach you when the tube departs,
Then Ill follow you into the park!

My dear, don’t lie, you know how you feel inside,
All that you try to hide:
You know that you love me too.
One day you’ll see Im really not that creepy,
I just follow you around, I follow you into the park.
I’ve traced your steps and found your used serviettes,
And shadowed you faithfully, and my love for you grows…
Through parking lots, and frequently your bus stops,
There’s no place to run from me…
Cause I’ll be in your room,
And we’ll get married sooooooon~
Haha that’s it! If you have trouble imagining, here’s the original song. I’ll post our cover soon if we get a chance to do it! (Ok, well I did do one but my computer recorded it in such a way that it play back warbled and I sound auto-tuned. So its Death Cab meets Owl City…)
Cheers, my dears!


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