Crossing Austin

Hey there, Howdy and Hi!

Welcome to my adventure log of “Crossing Austin”, which is a fun way to keep you connected to what I’m doing while Im doing it!

For those of you who don’t know, I have started an internship at Castle Media Group in Austin. I just got an apartment, which I found a few days after I got back from London. I tried using Blogger’s site at the time; but things change. Since my job entails me using WordPress, I thought it appropriate to start chronicling my adventures of WordPressing through, well, WordPressing!

Here’s the punny transition I’ve had to make. I went from the big city of london to the other big city (in my book) of Austin, Texas. Over there it was crowded, but in a different way. I literally had culture shock when I went to HEB today and had to use a large basket to wheel through the large aisles….In London we did not have to carry much. We used hand baskets mainly. Over there people never looked at you. Here almost everyone greets you in a friendly manner. I have got to say, I had confused myself whenever I said “Howdy” to someone at the gas station, corrected myself and said “Cheers”, and then again apologized because I was getting everything muddled up in my head! Such a small difference in culture can sometimes become a source of minor irritation…

I moved in today without a hitch. I met all three of my roommates at different parts of the day. Their personalities are all unique and yet I feel we all share a geeky bond. We all like anime and Japanese culture. I was so stoked to see anime posters, Harry Potter adornments, and other J-Culture paraphernalia posted across the apartment. It is crazy, though, living with four people total. They do a good job keeping everything orderly, but when people do not adhere to it, things get messy. And I mean sorta gross-kind-of-messy because I had to clean the sink area and bathroom and I noticed right away that the kitchen floor and carpet could use a little bit of TLC. Or a deep-clean. Either way, this is the start of something new. For better or for worse, I will be spending my next 3 months here, and I will make the most of it.

I have found out that this period in my life will be a big trial. With the lure of an amazing internship and the liberal atmosphere of Austin, I will be asking God to reveal to me the mettle of my prayer life and the willingness to persevere to His standards and mighty will. I am on my own now, it seems, living in the city. I know now I will be praying for myself and for my roommates and that God would direct my vision to be His own as I enter the other vastly complex world of graphic design.


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