Response to Chik-Fil-A Gatherings (Part 1)

Recently you’ve heard Dan Cathy, CEO of Chik-Fil-A, speak up about his beliefs that marriage should be between a husband and wife. You’ve doubtless heard the remarks made from all sides of this issue, either from the LGBT community and/or supporters, or else from the conservative community.

As a concerned citizen and follower of Christ, I wanted to not only see first hand what was going on, but really get some perspective. I had a small video camera and some questions all made out to ask people about the event, so I hit the road and prayed for courage and boldness.

The lines were massive and non-stop. Im talking, traffic-stopping from 7pm (when I got there) until 10pm (when it closed). People were spilling out into the parkway as well, standing in line and waiting for over 30 mins to order. As a Christian who believes that the full Word of God is the Truth and Light, I had to take into account: “What would Jesus really do in this situation?”

CFA Line

Cars still in line at 10pm, closing time

So many people were in line… and there were only 4 people out in front of CFA advocating pro-Gay messages. I asked a few people in the CFA line some questions about why they were there that day. Most all of them said they were there to support what Cathy said and keep them in business. Later I heard even Mc Donalds wanted to help by closing down for the night so all the traffic could go to this cause as well. CFA said that wasn’t necessary.

I started to go up to people of various ages and stages of life: older women, college students who went to Baylor, women married with children, and then… a thought struck me. Had anyone even talked to the people in front of CFA holding the rainbow flags and a “Gay is Okay” sign?

I got to talk to an energetic young man from the group who openly said he was gay and a Christian. I asked him some questions, (stay tuned for a video about the night’s events) and he told me his story.

They had been outside CFA since 4pm and they mentioned that people would usually honk or show support or else flip them off. They said someone mooned them, and one guy even parked his car, quietly got out, and attacked them, trying to take away their sign. They said one of them got punched in the face… I think the police came to take away the man assaulting them, they said. I could almost not believe it.  Despite the man’s apparent disagreement with their message, that was not justice. If he disagreed there are other more subtle ways of doing that. Say, going inside CFA for instance.

This leads me to ask fellow Christians, “What Gospel do we spread?”. Would Jesus have subtly stood in line to make a statement that homosexuality is wrong? Or would he have gone over there and talked with these broken people who wanted to share their own views freely as Cathy had earlier? People are people, and sinners are sinners. Jesus loves us all and wants us to be free from sin to come to Him! How can we show that in a tangible way? Certainly not by screaming anti-gay propaganda and hate. Which is what was going on at many points.

As they kept telling me about the hate (and love) they had received from the Church and others since coming out, a man and his dog came up to the group and handed us a huge bag of food from Raising Cane’s chicken next door. Must have been $30 worth of chicken, fries, and sweet tea. I took that as provision from God :-). So, I ate Cane’s Chicken that night, with fellow sinners, just like Jesus would have.

Eventually I got to explain my testimony to them and how even when I felt like I would be judged by exposing my sins, my church received me and prayed for me and loved me through it. Thats the kind of community we were made for. Then, we prayed. I got to pray for them, even the ones who weren’t Christians, and I believe the Holy Spirit met us all. We were all touched.

Later, as I was heading back to my car, I noticed a small group of people singing worship songs right in front of where I parked! I joined in for the rest of the song, “Blessed Be Your Name”. Turns out, they were the youth group from Robinson’s First Baptist Church, and they were super encouraged someone came up and started to sing with them. Before I left we all prayed together too.

There is so much more to this story: its all a part of God’s story. I’d like to encourage the Body of Christ to take a look at our actions…we can’t be going along with the masses unwittingly or else we are hurting other people, rather than helping them. I am not saying it was wrong to eat at Chik-Fil-A that night, by any means! But we have to first look into the eyes of Jesus. His character was eminent in the Bible– He was a passionate, caring man who’s heart would not stand for injustice.

What do you think about any of this? Were you there at Chik-Fil-A, experiencing the even first hand? As the Body of Christ, how can we better show love to everyone while maintaing our values?


7 responses to “Response to Chik-Fil-A Gatherings (Part 1)

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  2. Loved this post! I like seeing how you got interested in what was going on and came to investigate! I’m interested in seeing the next part! 🙂

  3. Ace reporter Diana Fadal on the scene! Great write-up, and I’m looking forward to viewing your video coverage of your evening as well. Thanks so much for going out there on behalf of so many of us who either couldn’t make it or didn’t have the guts. 🙂

  4. you have such a pure heart, Diana 🙂 one of my favorite things about you. I think you have the right perspective. I love that you are thinking about what Jesus would do. Not just in the cheesy “WWJD” way. But actually wanting to know…because you KNOW Jesus, you spend time with him and know his character. And you saw things that other people didn’t see–something about all that that didn’t quite line up with his character. I absolutely love this post! you are so wise and mature beyond your years. I am so PROUD of you!! ❤ Molly

  5. I haven’t really felt it myself to be wise to publish and sort of response even though I really wanted to. I feared it would be another contribution to an argument that was mostly out of self righteousness from both sides and making any comment on the situation fake and shallow. I merely offer point to think in since i could not cone up with a consensous with myself.
    1.I think there is a pattern in how Jesus interacted with individuals does give an appropriate response. In public teachings he seemed to give basic instruction on ways to live. That I think is crucial to see. I think he knew that mentioning to many specifics would not encourage the responded from the crowds. I think he also realized that people are smart enough to live a “Christian life” with a few moral concepts that mostly deal with the heart. In his smaller interactions with his disciples and one on one he shared practical teaching in order to live those basic principles he taught to the crowd.
    2 the governing state in that time was not too uncommon to today as at as the roman government is concerned. But he never sought to change the laws or really interact publicly with govt officials. Perhaps political affiliation would ultimately compromise the true message he was trying to teach.
    3 based off of these 2 points, I see that dealing corporately can be dangerous and lead to misguided results when confronted with specific areas. Therefore I see it fit to deal more on a private level. What does this mean to us? Never compromise the gospel, but do so in love. If even out of righteousness, the love of Christ is masked behind personal beliefs, then di not focus in that. Jesus rarely focused on a specific sun unless that person knew that he was doing so out of love.
    4. There is speculation that in the old testament , the eunuchs were not permitted in the temple due to law or social reason but rather practical. Isaiah 56. Deut 23. Eunuchs in that day were general government officials in foreign countries. The king would do this to protect his queen and other mistresses. It is speculated that this instruction from the Lord is not about sexual immorality , but rather practicalities . The govt officials had a lot of away and influence in that day, and the Lord wanted the Israelites not to be lea astray by the governments of foreign countries. Could the same be said about homosexuality? Could it merely be that God is instructing his people because he knows that it will not be a fulfillment of all try could be, that giving into desires of the flesh could deprive them of the life God has for them. The same could be said for other sexual immoralities. We are strongly warned against them, but do those who commit such acts condemned for eternity. Surely not . Could it be the perspective we read from. Perhaps instead on missing out on the celestial location of heaven, in these acts we are merely missing out on ” heaven on earth”. So basically it’s just like normal sin ( which I di no make lightl of. Sin is terrible, but the point I am making is; are me making more out of sins than other sins.) I know that stance probably angered a lot of people. With everything I say in this comment, these are questions and positions to test in the spirit . I have not come to a full consensus on the truth of these matters. Perhaps this is because God would rather lead me in each individual situation as opposed to me ” knowing the truth” and acting in a way contrary to Christ.
    These are some basic thoughts I have. I am open to criticism, but would advise you seek the fountain of knowledge from God as opposed to our small springs. I know I can be wrong and that there are spelling mistakes, but with live in mind this is the consensus I have come to. I maintain a completely neutral position politically as not to mask the gospel in my self bigotry. If a friend openly confronts me with sin in their life, I will council them with love from above. If this means eloping them

    • HelPig them overcome something try see as a hindrance in their life or encouraging them in the way of truth. It is however God leads me. Test everything I have said in the Spirit and take it with a grain of salt

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