Olympics, Ed Sheeran, and Finding Community in the World’s Identity Crisis

Broken for more

We are all broken people

The Olympics Closing Ceremony and Ed Sheeran

Did anyone watch the Olympics Closing Ceremony? Thanks to a friend’s text, I got to watch Ed Sheeran sing at the Olympics, just in time. She asked me, “Wait, I thought you didn’t like his stuff”, or something to that degree. I decided to evaluate.

At first, the song “A Team” by Ed Sheeran bothered me a lot. I thought the lyrics were really demeaning and repulsive, despite the fact everyone else who heard him liked it. Then I listened to a cover version of it…and it seemed to really hit me with a new perspective. The song reflects the state of our world, in a sense. Its a powerful song. Check out the lyrics here. I gleaned that “the worst things in life come free”, and I really began to see, that it was true. Especially when it comes to love, friends, and any relationship.

If you turn on the news, right about now, you may hear about yet another shooting spree in the USA. You’re heard about the Colorado Shooting and now, there’s the shooting that happened at College Station. Our world is–and always has been– in a state of chaos, change, and quite frankly, an identity crisis.

So many people in the world are hurting right now. We all want answers. We all want something real. As a Christian, who also struggles with the daily futilities and frustrations of life, I realize there’s a whole lot more people who crave security and aren’t getting their needs met. Our very close friends and neighbors and coworkers are hurting, because of rejection we get daily from others. We were made for community.

The Story of Community

Talking in a Starbucks today with an old friend from high school brought up many good questions about true community. She said it best:

“Community will always be just like a sit com, unless Jesus is in the center of it.”

I never thought of that. Looking back to high school, I see it was true, though. People had cliques that they belonged to. That was their “community”. But, its very hurtful to people outside of it. People feel excluded and made less of if they can’t hang out with certain people or groups. You can see how this kind of “community” is like a sitcom. Exclusive, fake, and/or surface level. Its like being on “Friends” but not having any.

However, when we have TRUE community, Jesus is truly at the center– I believe it is the only way to finding real and deep community. What that looks like is this: when we love Jesus, we really love and care for other people, and have unity, and therefore, community. “Unity equals community” is what my sister said to me. When we have one purpose, to love others like Jesus, we can go deeper and really have a chance to invite more people in.
photo credit: Alex E. Proimos via photo pin cc


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