Lyrical Illustrations

Lately all these song lyrics and stencil-like images run through my head, bursting and pulsing at the tips of my mind like jostled nerve endings. I have to let it flow, bring the follow-through, and share the pictures.

The lyrics will be credited to the song artists, and the images are either stock photos or borrowed from (credited as well). All illustrated images are made by me, for your viewing pleasure. I have more to post, so stay tuned.

You’ve Saved Me From The Darkness… (Diana Fadal)


JOY Is Now My Home (Diana Fadal)


Your Name is Higher Than The Rising Sun (All Sons and Daughters – “Rising Sun”)

YourNameIsHigherphoto credit: rogiro via photopin cc

You Are Making Me New ( Michael Gungor – “Beautiful Things”)

youAreMakingMeNewphoto credit: jaci XIII via photopin cc

I Am Set Free (All Sons and Daughters – “I Am Set Free”)

IAmSetFreephoto credit: Werner Kunz via photopin cc

Mature My Love (Sam Fagan)

MatureMyLovephoto credit: code poet via photopin cc


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