And Action

This is a beautiful blog post about a sweet friend of mine who has shaped my life back in high school, and I want more people to understand that you can truly have freedom, like her.

Narrative of Sounds

I know a girl who does what everyone else only thinks about doing.  While everyone thinks about how nice climbing a tree would be, she is already up among the branches. Some would say she does not think at all, but I know better. She is a woman of action, uninhibited and free. At times in my life, I envied that carefree innocence. Growing up my heart was so muddled by responsibility, too chained to carefulness, and so consumed with perfection that my spirit seemed always one step behind her. I love to be around her because she is free. Her words are not hindered by self-consciousness or insecurity, and she takes risks that most consider to far against caution. This girl makes me laugh probably more than anyone else, and her simple approach to life convicts me of my over complication of the love of God and the wrong-ness of…

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